Why it’s a good time to be a security guard

Are you seeking a career change and want to take on an exciting and meaningful role helping people?

If you answered yes to this, then one thing is most certain: you should be working as a professional security guard.

The industry has come a long way and has advanced with new security solutions, roles and responsibilities, and technologies.

The industry as a whole has grown, which means that you have all sorts of choices when it comes to guarding: mobile patrol, foot patrol, tactical security, concierge, health screener, private investigations, customer service, security site manager, corporate executive, to name a handful.

Security guarding has never been more important for businesses and organizations, especially as the world continues to combat COVID-19. Security jobs were always plentiful in our pre-pandemic world, and now the demand for guards has soared as a global crisis is prompting the need for more vigilance. That’s right, business owners in an array of industry – retail, healthcare, commercial, residential, construction, and industrial – want to make every effort to protect their people, property, and assets during these unprecedented times.

Here are the top reasons on why you should consider being a security guard:

Security guarding is exciting work: Day-in and day-out, working as a security guard means you are helping protect people, and helping businesses and organizations. Your presence alone helps deter crime, and makes people feel safer.

There are lots of jobs: Since the pandemic hit, we are hearing about job cutbacks and companies restructuring. However, it’s a different story for the security guard industry. During normal times, security is big business, and during challenging times, security is even bigger business. This means that there are always jobs and lots of hours available for guards to work.

Lots of room for advancement: When you take on a job as a security guard, most companies will let you know that you can rise up the ranks with more experience and training. You can start as a guard and work your way up to supervisor, or even taking on the role as VP, or CEO.

 You get to work with all sorts of heroes: When you are a security guard, you are considered by the government as an “essential service,” and you are a first, first responder. This means that you are on the scene before anyone – police, fire, EMS – arrives. Each day you work with business leaders, decision makers, the general public, and other responders to help keep people safe.

It’s a great part-time job: If you have a full-time career and need to make some extra money, guarding is a great and rewarding role. Security guard companies have all sorts of shifts, including evenings and weekends, that are available. Presently, there are scores of security guard companies hiring for part-time professionals.

Have you considered applying to Regal Security Inc.?

If you are thinking about becoming a security guard, then you should speak with our leadership team at Regal Security Inc. We house our very own Training Academy that offers mandatory, in-class and on-the-job-training. We also offer the 40 Hour Security Guard License Training Course. Our training also includes Pandemic Awareness Training, Use of Force, Fire Safety, Verbal Judo, Effective Communications, Emergency and Standard First-Aid and CPR, Customer Service Excellence, Supervisor Training, and more.

If you think all security guard jobs are the same, then think again. Regal Security Inc. offers a variety of positions – from tactical to concierge, patrols to security desk to healthcare screeners, and more!

Visit our careers page today and apply. You can also visit our Training Academy page to learn more about our training and the benefits of being a security guard.

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