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Regal Security Inc. is pleased to provide a regular online newsletter for our Everyday Superheroes.™ Review it carefully and make sure you share the link with members of the team!

February is now in full swing and it’s another busy month with everyone working the frontlines. The temps are chilly, and we are all working collectively to help combat COVID-19.

Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed, and the entire Regal Security Inc. executive team salutes all of our Everyday Superheroes™ for your tireless efforts.

As we all know, the province is considering slowly opening back up the economy in some regions in strategic phases, however, this does not mean we are done with the pandemic yet – not by any means.

This is why we are reminding everyone to remain vigilant in following the rules and guidelines, and we also must continue to do the same for our clients in the array of industries we serve. We also greatly appreciate your patience and applaud all of you for pivoting your roles during these unprecedented times.

Our newsletter includes all sorts of big news about our company, our growth, winter safety tips, COVID-19 health and safety tips, and more!

The reason Regal Security Inc. continues to grow stems directly from our Everyday Superheroes™ – each and everyone of you who goes above and beyond the call of duty day-in and day-out.

Thank you everyone!

Vaccination rollout for guards? We are the first, first responders!

Regal Security Inc. and the Canadian Allied Professionals Union (CAPU) have been advocating that security guards be permitted to attend a vaccination clinic for their shots. As you know, all of us are considered “essential workers” and we are the first, first responders in the earliest stages of incidents. The province is now unveiling its vaccination rollout plan and we will keep everyone up to date on the vaccination process. At this point, we are waiting on direction from the province for vaccinations, and we will provide necessary updates.

Regal Security Inc. is Hiring: Refer a guard, earn money!

Regal Security Inc. is growing, which means we are now on a big hiring campaign.

Here is how our Refer A Guard, Earn Money campaign works:

If a guard refers another guard to us, then we employed that referral, and that referral stayed on with us for 6 months, Regal will pay the referring guard $100. If the newly employed guard is still with us after 12 months, then the referring guard will receive another $100 (Note: The referring guard must be actively employed by Regal at the time of the 6-and-12-month periods in order to be eligible).

Contact your supervisor for more details!

Grow with Regal Security Inc.

We know there are lots of guards who want to advance their career with our leading security guard firm. Are you keen on rising up the ranks and exploring new roles and responsibilities? Regal Security Inc. always has growth opportunities, allowing you to fill new positions or move to other sites. Our online Training Portal is coming soon, which will help you grow within our dynamic security guard firm. Talk to your supervisor about advancement opportunities or visit our Careers Page for postings on new positions within the company.

Regal Security Inc. on the Move

 Regal Security Inc. is busy with growth on the client and guarding front and we are also busy on the technology front too! We are proud to announce that we recently launched two new websites for our sister companies: regotec and regolive. Regotec Systems Inc. is an electronic security company created to provide a wide range of standard and custom electronic and mechanical security solutions at very competitive pricing. Regolive delivers fast and accurate Remote Video Monitoring services, enhancing security and often reducing costs quite substantially.

Regal Security Inc. Grows in the Healthcare Space

Our guards are now taking on a new role as health screeners with a major hospital here in Toronto. The new contract demonstrates our innovative security solutions as we continue to combat COVID-19, and it also shows how we are committed to providing that true Peace of Mind™ for our clients. Are you interested in being a health screener or carrying out security guard duties in the healthcare sector? If so, speak to your supervisor or contact our HR team today.

Stay warm and stay safe out there

We are having a colder winter this year, so monitor weather conditions and dress accordingly for your shift. The cold temps, snow, and freezing rain can pose a challenge, especially for those of us who mainly work outdoors.

Wear a hat, gloves, boots, and a warm winter coat, and bring extra clothing if needed to work. We may get milder weather, but it could change with the snap of a finger during your shift, so it’s always good to be prepared for changes in weather.

As we all know, the weather can affect traffic and transportation and we remind everyone to leave early for work so that there are no interruptions in scheduling.

COVID-19 Safety Tips in the Workplace

In order to help flatten the curve during the pandemic, all of us need to keep following the rules. Remember, a healthy workplace means healthy guards. 

Here are important tips to follow at work:

  • Wear a facemask at all times during your shift.
  • Ensure you social distance with fellow employees (2 meters apart – 6 feet).
  • Wash your hands regularly (every 30 minutes for no less than 40 seconds to ensure proper hygiene).
  • Don’t touch your face or facemask as this promotes the spread of the virus.
  • Ensure your work-station – desk, chair, computer mouse and keyboard – is sanitized regularly throughout your shift.
  • Always make sure that members of your team are following the rules and guidelines at all times.
  • Make sure that clients and the public at job sites are also following the rules – it is our duty to help maintain a safe environment for everyone.

Visit for updates and news and information.

We applaud all our Everyday Superhero™ guards who go above and beyond the call of duty!

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