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January is almost over, and Regal Security Inc. has enjoyed a busy month helping our clients on every front.

So, what have we all been up to? Well, all of our Everyday Superheroes™ have been busy working the frontlines for our clients in a large number of sectors – healthcare, retail, construction, commercial, residential and industrial – during COVID-19.

The lockdown and new rules and guidelines mandated by our provincial government have posed many challenges, however, our team of nearly 1,000 guards are helping make a positive difference in the lives of others. Everyone is working collectively to pivot their duties during these unprecedented times.

Our entire team is performing a number of duties and our professionalism and dedication is not going unnoticed. Each day, our Executive Team continues to receive words of praise from our long list of clients, and everyone’s tireless efforts on the guarding front is helping our company grow.

We are now a fixture at a major local hospital where our guards are now performing health screening duties, and we are now poised for further growth as a company in Eastern and Western Canada.

These are exciting times, so stay tuned for updates on our growth.


Regal Security Inc. is growing, which means we are now on a big hiring campaign.

Here is how our Refer A Guard, Earn Money campaign works:

If a guard refers another guard to us, then we employed that referral, and that referral stayed on with us for 6 months, Regal will pay the referring guard $100. If the newly employed guard is still with us after 12 months, then the referring guard will receive another $100 (Note: The referring guard must be actively employed by Regal at the time of the 6-and-12 month periods in order to be eligible).

 Contact your supervisor for more details!


Guards Helping Guards

As we all know there was a serious incident involving a security guard in the downtown core in early January. Our guards, stationed downtown that day, worked in open communication and collaboration with other guarding companies in capturing the suspect, who is still at large. While police are still searching for the suspect, a positive in all this is how we demonstrated our commitment and leadership in times of need. We worked hand-in-hand with other guarding companies with one end goal: to help another guard, and to aid the police during a crisis. Hats-off goes to our team for going above and beyond the call of duty.


Regal & Innovation Tech Security Solutions

Regal is also proud to announce that we recently launched two new websites for our sister companies: regotec and regolive. Regotec Systems Inc. is an electronic security company created to provide a wide range of standard and custom electronic and mechanical security solutions at very competitive pricing. Regolive delivers fast and accurate Remote Video Monitoring services, enhancing security and often reducing costs quite substantially.

Healthcare Matters

Regal has just been awarded a big screening contract with a major hospital in Toronto, a move that demonstrates our innovative services and how we are committed to providing that true Peace of Mind™ for our clients. Additionally, the new contract shows the need for guarding at healthcare facilities as the world continues to combat COVID-19.

Calling All Guards Who Are Seeking Advancement  

Are you looking to advance your career with Regal Security Inc.? We have growth opportunities, allowing you to fill new positions or move to other sites. Our online Training Portal is coming soon, which will help you grow within our dynamic security guard firm.


The provincial government just announced the following new measures to combat COVID-19:

  • Outdoor organized public gatherings and social gatherings are further restricted to a limit of five people with limited exceptions.
  • People are required to wear a mask or face covering in the indoor areas of businesses or organizations that are open. Wearing a mask or face covering is now recommended outdoors when you can’t physically distance more than two metres.
  • All non-essential retail stores, including hardware stores, alcohol retailers, and those offering curbside pickup or delivery, must open no earlier than 7 a.m. and close no later than 8 p.m.
  • The restricted hours of operation do not apply to stores that primarily sell food, pharmacies, gas stations, convenience stores, and restaurants for takeout or delivery.
  • Non-essential construction is further restricted, including below-grade construction, exempting survey.


As security guards, we are essential to the health and safety of our clients and this means we all need to set examples to show that we are following the rules and restrictions being mandated by the provincial government.

  • Facemasks must be worn at ALL times during your shift. Even when signing in and out of your shift, ensure that you are wearing a facemask.
  • Handwashing regularly is also a must; it is recommended to wash your hands every 30 minutes for no less than 40 seconds for proper hygiene.
  • All employees must practice social distancing (2 meters apart – 6 feet)
  • Do not touch your facemask or face as this will increase your chances of getting the virus.
  • Ensure your team members and clients are following all the rules and guidelines.

If you see any of your colleagues not following the rules and guidelines, contact your supervisor immediately. We are asking everyone to be responsible during these challenging times.


As a reminder, being on time for your shift is imperative, and if you are sick, please ensure you call-in to let your supervisor know as this is important for scheduling. If you are sick, call in early so we can schedule a guard in your place to meet the demands of our growing clientele.

Visit for updates and news and information.

We applaud all our Everyday Superhero™ guards who go above and beyond the call of duty!

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