How mobile patrol security guards will help protect your business

You have a business to run and the last thing you want to worry about is crime and how it will negatively affect your assets, people, and property.

Sure, there is technology on the market that is highly effective for security monitoring, however, having mobile guards on-site has many distinct advantages: they patrol your property, observe, and report.

Mobile guards are a great deterrent to combatting crime, which includes theft, vandalism, or incidents involving clients or the public.

Hiring mobile security guards is a cost-effective solution for your business as they are licensed and trained to cover larger areas, like malls, commercial businesses, condos and apartment buildings, hospitals, and construction sites.

What are the benefits of hiring mobile patrol security guards?

Having mobile patrol security guards at your place of business has many advantages.

Let’s start with how they patrol interior and exterior areas. Guards are trained to search properties with a careful eye, and they will address and report suspicious activity. During emergencies or serious incidents, they are also there on the frontline to aid local fire and police departments, and emergency medical services. Additionally, mobile patrol guards play a key role in checking and maintaining security systems, fire safety protocols, and their presence helps prevent loss of inventory, equipment, and even documents.

How do mobile patrol security guards help deter crime?

Mobile patrol guards will monitor your site, and they are highly trained to point out suspicious activity, and they help deter crime. Their presence alone, suited in uniforms, will stop people from loitering and criminals will be less likely to target your location. Most criminals spend their time scoping out locations before committing a crime, but once they see mobile patrol guards, they will most likely avoid the area since they know it is guarded very thoroughly. They will also avoid committing a crime as they know mobile guards are quick at reacting to catch them in the act and they will most likely end up in the hands of the police. Mobile guards also help deter crime from within an organization. While you aim to hire the best talent for your business, employee theft is a reality, however, mobile patrol guards will serve as that second set of eyes that your establishment needs 24/7.

In all, mobile patrol guards help provide a sense of security and makes your staff and clients feel safer in the workplace. And they even help serve as a bond with your business and the local community: as they patrol your premises, they interact with others, business owners and the public, which also helps them perform their jobs better. The more they get to know the area and people, they are more apt in identifying suspicious activity.

How can Regal Security Inc. help protect your business?

Our Everyday Superheroes™ are licensed and trained to secure a number of sectors – residential, commercial, insurance, retail, construction and industrial, and we offer mobile patrol guarding services for scores of businesses in Toronto and across the GTA.

To date, we have over 1,000 trained professionals who are highly trained in mobile patrols.

Here is how our team will give your business that true Peace of Mind™:

  • Regal Security Inc. will first work with your business to identify your security needs and we will develop an innovative mobile security patrol plan that is tailored for your property, people, and assets.
  • Our mobile patrol guards will patrol and closely monitor your site and provide daily reports on all activity.
  • Our mobile patrol guards and executive team will offer recommendations to your management team on best security practices.
  • Our mobile patrol guards will also help ensure that all staff and clients are complying with the new rules and guidelines involving COVID-19.

If your business is considering mobile patrol security guards, then talk to us today. Send us an email:, or call us at 888-633-8550. Visit is us online to learn more about services and our team:



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