Regal News For Our Everyday Superhero™ Guards

Regal News For Our Everyday Superhero™ Guards

December 17, 2020

Regal Security Inc. is pleased to provide a regular online newsletter for our Everyday Superhero™ Guards. Review it carefully and make sure you share the link with members of the team!


Our Head Office will be closed on the following dates:

December 24, 2020 (noon closure)

December 25, 2020

December 26, 2020

January 1, 2021

During these days, if you require assistance, you can call Scheduling and Mobile at 647-560-4632.


The days are shorter at this time of the year and the temps are much colder, so here are the best tips to follow while on duty:

  • Always carry a flashlight and wear a reflective vest so that you can be seen by people and vehicles.
  • Be aware of the surroundings (blind spots) at buildings you are patrolling when it is dark.
  • Take extra caution when walking on surfaces with ice patches and snow.
  • Wear warm winter boots with added stability, and select footwear that is well-insulated, waterproof, thick non-slip tread sole made of natural rubber, wide low heels, and ensure you wear a warm winter coat, gloves, and a hat.
  • Spread ice-melter at main entrances and walkways for safety.
  • Write incident reports as necessary and report all incidents to your supervisor.


There is an immediate impact on other team members when employees don’t show up for their shifts on time. Remember, co-workers have to cover for tardy employees, and they are required remain on duty, so show up for your shift early to ensure that shift-scheduling and hours run smoothly.

Here are some tips for being on time for your shift:

  • Wake up earlier so that you have more time to get ready for work.
  • Leave home earlier to account for traffic or transportation delays.
  • Make appointments around your work schedule or on your days off, not close to when your shift starts or ends.

Everyone also needs to know the importance of punctuality for meetings and training. When late, you will disrupt a meeting or training session, and you will also miss out on important information that helps you perform your job while on the front lines as a licensed security guard. Show up early, be engaged, and make a positive difference for the team!

Repeated Tardiness and lateness can lead to disciplinary action, so if you find yourself running late, call your site before you call scheduling to demonstrate courtesy to your colleagues on duty.


 Regal continues to enjoy growth and we have some great news to share. Not only did we have a banner month in growth on the residential condominium, commercial, and retail sectors but we also started a major Toronto hospital contract in December!


Are you looking to advance your career with Regal Security Inc.? We have growth opportunities, allowing you to fill new positions or move to other sites. Our brand new online Training Portal is coming soon, which will help you grow within our dynamic security guard firm.


The Holiday Season is upon us and this means that we need to be extra vigilant to ensure that everyone is doing their part in combatting the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Here is how we can all keep our clients safer during the Holiday Season:

  • Social distancing rules must be followed at all times (two meters – 6 feet).
  • Medical facemasks or face coverings are mandatory in all common areas: elevators, hallways, lobbies, laundry rooms, and other shared facilities.
  • All entrances must be closely monitored for access controls into buildings.
  • No large gatherings are allowed in residences or indoor places.
  • Those who are not following the rules and guidelines are to be reminded immediately, or they will be reported/removed from the premises with aid of security or law enforcement.

Visit for updates and news and information.

We applaud all our Everyday Superhero™ guards who go above and beyond the call of duty!



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