Regal’s team of Everyday Superheroes™ double as security guards and concierges

Condominium corporations and rental companies in Toronto and across the GTA run complex operations – from maintenance to repairs, and from visitor check-ins to administration, there is never a shortage of tasks that need attention.

Businesses in the property space need help in managing their day-to-day operations, and this includes security.

And what’s interesting these days is how security personnel are working in the roles as both guards and concierges to help businesses run their operations more efficiently and effectively.

Concierges help people feel safe

The first thing you normally see when you walk into a condominium or apartment building is a concierge-security-guard – a huge benefit as they are that extra set of eyes to keep track on who is entering or leaving a building.

Consider then concierges as gatekeepers to your home, whether that be a condominium, apartment, or even townhouse complex. They are the ones who monitor the premises and also perform a number of key duties:

  • Controlling access to buildings
  • Monitoring mail and package deliveries
  • Carrying out Health and Safety checks
  • Property inspections of common areas and main entrances
  • Serving as the main point of contact for visitors and staff
  • Providing assistance for those in need (elderly, disabled, children)
  • Working as health screeners during
  • Ensuring health guidelines are in place: facemasks, social distancing, and access controls (common areas and elevators)

Concierges will help “secure” your property

Concierges also perform the role of security guards to help keep your property and people safe.

Uniformed personnel are trained to prevent and deal with all sorts of incidents: parking violations, noisy neighbours, break and enters, vandalism, and any other incidents that are a threat to the comfort and safety of residents.

Here is a quick glance at the duties they are responsible for at condominiums or apartment complexes:

  • Conducting fire safety – prevention and protection
  • Carrying out scheduled internal and external building patrols
  • Monitoring CCTV cameras
  • Providing emergency response and first aid
  • Assisting law enforcement and emergency medical services

Regal Security Inc.: Your Peace of Mind™

Our licensed and trained security guards are here for you, so call on us for your concierge-security-guard needs. We will first conduct an in-depth analysis of your assets, and then offer the best security solutions that will protect your people and property.

Contact us today and learn more about our innovative services that will give you that true peace of mind.


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