Top reasons why your business needs to hire security guards

Scores of office and condo buildings, as well as restaurants, small businesses, and large-scale enterprise all need security guards.

An increasing number of businesses are now relying on private security firms in order to protect their people, properties, and assets, and this involves video monitoring, mobile patrols, alarm systems, and guards.

The reason why business owners want private security services stems from one fundamental reason: so that they will have that true peace of mind 24/7. Security guards help deter and combat criminal activity, and they are also essential frontline workers who aid emergency medical services, police, and fire, and are typically the “first, first responders” when emergencies occur.

Here are the top reasons why you need guarding services for your business

Your business is negatively affected by crime in your neighbourhood

If your business is in a neighbourhood with a high crime rate and your customers and staff feel uncomfortable, then having security guards at your location is a must as it will help everyone feel more secure and relaxed, and it will also help your bottom line, too. Having security presence helps prevent criminal activity and in the event of a crime, violent incident, or medical emergency, you can count on security guards to help save the day.

Alcohol in proximity to the property

We all know that pubs, bars, and restaurants all provide for unique situations when alcohol is served and as we all know this increases the risk of disruptive behavior from intoxicated patrons. Having properly trained guards at the ready will decrease your liability, not to be stationed within the establishment but available to respond to calls of service and they are able to handle violent incidents through their specialized self-defence training, and they are there to call police, fire, or emergency medical services if necessary.

You want to reduce your insurance premiums

Commercial businesses and industrial companies share one thing in common: they are required to pay liability insurance premiums, which are costly. So, if your business sells alcohol, has expensive items for sale or equipment, and has cash on site, then your monthly insurance payments will be high. But when you add security into the mix then you will see your insurance premiums reduced.

You want to run your business more efficiently during a pandemic

As the world continues to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, you still need to keep your doors open. Security guards will help ensure that your business is following the strict guidelines mandated by governments, like with social distancing, face masks, handwashing, and keeping occupancy rates at a minimum.

You want that true peace of mind for your business

In all, security guards are that extra set of eyes that your business needs and they will help keep location safe, even while you are not at the office. Your staff and clients will also feel safer knowing that security is there and available if something goes wrong.

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