Best tips for hiring a security guard firm for your business

While there are scores of companies in Toronto and across the GTA who rely on security guard firms to protect their people, clients and assets, there are still a large number of decision makers who feel it’s an unnecessary expense.

If you want to ensure your business is protected, then you really need to have security personnel onsite. Having guards at your location – retail, residential, construction, insurance, commercial, and industrial – will give your team that true peace of mind 24/7/365, and your clients will also feel safer too, especially while steps are being taken to combat COVID-19.

But before you run out and secure a guarding firm, make sure you do your homework to ensure you are hiring the best one for your business.

Here are some top tips when choosing a security guard firm

Do they have qualifications and training?

Sure, there are companies that will promote experience, but make sure all their guards are have up-to-date licenses, which is a provincial requirement. The top security firms have controls in place to ensure that all licenses are current, and the good ones will also offer ongoing training for their team of professionals.

What services do they offer?

When you are online and looking for security guard firms, make sure you take a close look at the services they offer. Do you need guards trained for retail or a mall? Office tower? Residential condo? Foot patrols? Mobile patrols? Entry point security as heath checkers? So, identify your guarding needs and then find a company that provides the right services for your business.

Experience and reputation counts

Experience and reputation will tell you everything you need to know about a security guard firm. If they have good experience and they are getting positive reviews online – Google Reviews and Social Media – then you know they are worth hiring. Likewise, if you have a referral, this is also a good indication.

Hiring local is smart

Working with a local security guard company is also a wise move. Local firms know the area and have a solid understanding of potential security threats. Additionally, hiring a security firm right in your own backyard means that you can meet with them in person to discuss your security needs and in turn they can provide you updates on their services and even new security solutions that will work for your business.

Work with a leading Toronto security guard firm

Regal Security Inc. has been in business for 15 years and all our Licensed guards are Everyday Superheroes,™ who go above and beyond the call of duty for our clients.

Based in Toronto, and with clients across the GTA and southern Ontario, Regal houses its very own Training Academy. All our guards are provided with the best in training and ongoing support to progress their careers in security. We offer both mandatory, in-class, online, and onsite training for our guards. Our Training Academy is a registered training facility that conducts all mandatory security guard training in compliance with PSISA regulations.

Contact us today and let us help protect your business:

Phone: 888-633-8550/416-633-8558


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