The changing role of security guarding

Times have changed during this COVID-19 pandemic, and there has been a significant shift in what is expected of security guards.

Security guards have seen their roles pivot. This is because they have been categorized as important persons in assisting the government and the community in dealing with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Security guards have been called upon to evolve

The new era of guarding now has guards taking on newer roles:

  • Managing shoppers and clients to ensure access controls and social distancing are followed
  • Serving as health-screeners at condo buildings, grocery stores, retail outlets, construction sites, commercial offices, and more
  • Crowd management and incident assistance
  • Strategic security and logistics planning
  • Ensuring the well-being of clients through security patrols
  • Helping those who are at risk and vulnerable, such as the elderly

“More than ever, the roles and responsibilities of security guards have been evolving, given that the economy, our environment, and indeed our entire society are opening up. We will continue to pivot to these ever-changing conditions as we have been doing recently,” explains Gary Del Bianco, who is the Senior Vice-President of Corporate Development with Regal Security Inc.

“Whether it be for revised access control, re-entry to workplaces, or general ambassador programs, we will try to make the experience extraordinary every single day,” he says.

Pandemic awareness and training for guards

“What’s really fascinating is how security companies are implementing pandemic awareness and training courses to ensure their guards are better able to tackle COVID-19,” adds Del Bianco. “Guards – new and current – are now able to adapt more quickly to the changing needs of their clients and they know how to be more efficient when dealing with a pandemic at an array of job sites – residential, commercial, construction, and industrial, to name a few.”

The changing role of security guarding will be quite beneficial for businesses. Guards are well trained and experienced, which will ensure that your people, property, and assets are protected at all times.

Let’s not forget to appreciate these extraordinary men and women for their unmatched efforts!

If you have any questions or need guarding services, Regal Security is here to help.

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