Why your business needs a security guard firm during a pandemic

The world is a changing place in the wake of COVID-19, and this is why a growing number of businesses in an array of sectors are now relying on security guard firms to help navigate them through these unprecedented times.

The good news is that security firms have been quick in diversifying their services and operations to meet the new demands and challenges: guards are pivoting their duties, and security organizations have enlisted more manpower and have found new and innovative strategies on the planning, scheduling, and solutions fronts. And let’s also not forget how the global pandemic is helping usher in new technologies for monitoring, communications, and health and safety.

Security guard firms will help secure your business, people, and assets

The presence of security guards at your business during a pandemic will help your staff, clients, and customers feel safe and secure. Guards at main entrance areas, and guards on foot patrol and on mobile control, will give everyone a true peace of mind they need, and this will greatly aid with productivity in the workplace. In the retail and construction sectors, guards will also help in a big way with access control, traffic, foot patrols, and physical distancing, which will be the new norm in our post-pandemic world.

More importantly, guards at your business location – whether it be a storefront, retail outlet, condominium, warehouse, or construction site – will help maintain order and prevent crimes from happening, while at the same time minimizing situations of sorts that might escalate quickly. Simply put, security helps breed normality and safety. Guards too will also be important for temperature screening and pandemic questionnaires if mandated by the government, and this could be a reality in the very near future.

Let’s also not forget about technology – a value-added security solution for your business. When your business is open or closed, innovative surveillance/monitoring cameras act as the extra-set of eyes, helping deter crime, and they are a great tool in evidence gathering among law enforcement agencies, and private detectives.

Even better, technology is helping guards keep businesses more secure. Security cameras allow them to closely monitor a location in real-time, and they are also armed with sound communication technology so that they can instantly speak with other guards and also contact police, fire, and emergency medical services in the event of an emergency or crisis.

Never let your “guard” down if you own a business

If you own a business and want to keep your people, property and assets protected, then you should consider hiring Regal Security Inc. for your security needs.

We are an extraordinary firm, according to our long list of clients, for a host of reasons.

All our guards are Everyday Superheroes™ and have been working tirelessly during the pandemic, helping keep businesses protected on every level.

“Training and development” is one of the core elements of Regal’s Crown Service Model of Excellence and our guards are provided with the best in training and ongoing support at the Regal Training Academy. Our training for guards involves security procedures, health and safety, legal authorities, emergency first-aid, sensitivity training, the legal system, tactical training, emergency response, effective communications, and more.

That’s right, you are in good hands with our guards who are proud to work the frontlines in the residential, commercial, construction, retail, industrial and insurance sectors.

Regal also offers cutting-edge technology which demonstrates our innovation and commitment to our clients. Through our sister companies, Regotec Systems Inc. and Regolive Monitoring Inc., we offer the best in custom electronic and mechanical security solutions and 24-hour video monitoring and video patrols at facilities at competitive pricing. So, when you are at the office or away, you can relax better knowing that Regal is looking out for your business.

Regal Security Inc. launches its LMS Pandemic Awareness and Training Program for guards

You will also like the fact that we are frontrunners when it comes to training our guards for a pandemic. Regal now has its very own Pandemic Awareness and Training program for all our guards. Each guard who completes the informative and extensive training receives an official Regal Security Inc. Pandemic Awareness and Training Certificate.

Regal Security Inc. is known as a leading security firm and our guards and technology will benefit your business greatly during a pandemic, even a crisis.

When you hire Regal Security Inc., Your Peace of Mind™ is what matters most to us – 24/7/365.

For more information and for a free security solutions quote, contact us today.

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