Do you want a career in the security guard industry in Toronto?

Here is what you can expect when working the front lines

Working as a security guard in the big city, or even the suburbs, is an exciting and interesting line of work.

Each day is like a new adventure and the job never gets boring: one minute you are working with clients, the next you are dealing with conflict or a crisis, and then you find yourself working directly with law enforcement agencies and emergency medical services. If you like change and challenges, then you have found your calling.

Security guards play a major role in many sectors

When you work as a security guard, you are not only representing a company, but you are also protecting a client’s assets, which includes their people and property. You serve to protect and help keep a client’s business, operations or residential community as secure as possible.

Being a security guard means that you also have lots of options to work in an array of sectors, like residential, commercial, retail, insurance, construction, and industrial, to name a few. There is now even a big demand for events security, whether they are private, businesses, or the numerous concerts and festivals in Toronto and across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

If you really like the firm you are with, then you can also explore options of moving into managerial roles and grow your career. You can also look at roles that involve training new staff, working in an operations capacity, client relations, or you may even enjoy going undercover as a Private Investigator! Working as a security guard might even be a stepping stone for you to pursue a career in various safety or law enforcement entities!  Your choices in this industry are endless.

There is lots of diversity and room for growth in the industry, and if you are motivated and have a strong work ethic and have an interest in law enforcement and safety, then working as a security guard might be your next best career move.

Working as a security guard is a very dynamic career

For those who hold a sense of duty, have strong attention to detail, and enjoy helping people, working as a security guard will be fulfilling in every sense. Whether you’re looking for a position that will require enhanced training and keep you walking your post and moving at all times, or one that is more concierge/security desk and customer service focused, there are all sorts of clients looking for good security guards.

If you are a student at college or university, then being a security guard is also a great option for part-time work during the academic year, and full-time work during the summer months. Many firms offer full and part-time opportunities that will give you experience and some extra money!

Of course, you just can’t put on a uniform and start working as a security guard right away. You first have to take the Ministry Approved Security Guard Training Courses and then obtain your Ontario Security Guard License. You will also find the training – CPR, First Aid, Tactical Awareness, ASP Use of Force Training, Tactical Command, to name a handful – interesting and useful and it will fully prepare you for your role as a security guard.

Grow your career with Regal Security Inc.

There are scores of security guard companies, but you may want to consider Regal Security and join our team of Everyday Superhero™ guards.

We offer ongoing training, and we also offer lots of growth and development opportunities. At Regal, you will always feel a part of a team, like family, where your voice and input are always heard and appreciated.

Regal specializes in urban manpower, security, and communications, so you will enjoy a career with our firm as we have lots of clients who desire a hero just like you.

Check out our careers page and reach out to us today!





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