Why you should hire a security guard firm for your business

It doesn’t matter what kind of business you own in Toronto or across the GTA, hiring a security guard firm is a smart solution for your business.

A security guard firm will help protect your staff, products, customers, equipment, and property, and most of all will give you the right peace of mind you need to run your operation more efficiently and effectively.

The benefits of hiring a security guard firm

Security is crucial for a handful of reasons.

Let’s start with a reduction in theft. For many businesses, like those involved in retail, shoplifting is a reality. So, a security guard firm will have guards present at your location during business hours, and they will help detect suspicious behaviour and their presence will help thwart off “would-be” thieves. Sure, surveillance cameras are a great security tool, but guards serve as that “extra set of eyes” your business needs at all times.

Security guards also provide safety at parking lots. Placing security in your lot will help reduce vehicle thefts and break-ins, and your customers will also like the fact that their vehicles are protected while unattended for a long period of time. Even better, security guards will also offer safety and protection at construction sites, warehouses, healthcare facilities and hospitals.

Guards help on the customer service front as well. You can hire guards to work as concierges for your property or have them greet customers at your place of business, and they can also escort staff and customers to their required locations at night. Additionally, if you own bar or pub, security guards will also address a variety of situations and they will protect against liabilities.

Hire Regal Security Inc. for your security needs

Regal Security Inc. offers a large number of innovative services  for a variety of sectors – residential, retail, commercial, retail, insurance, construction and industrial – and our Everyday Superhero™ guards are highly trained to look after all your needs.

Even before we accept a contract, we conduct an in-depth security solution plan that will work just right for your business, staff, and customers. Regal’s guards are available 24/7/365, and our cutting-edge technology compliments and strengthens our services and provides additional assurance with patrol tours, organized inspections, incident reporting, and parking control, to name a few examples.

When you hire Regal, you can focus on running and growing your business while our team secures it.

Contact us today and we will closely assess your needs.




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