How to get a security guard job in Ontario?

Being a professional security guard is an interesting career. Just ask any seasoned guard in “the line of duty.” 

Each day is exciting as you work with people from all walks of life and you also work hand-in-hand with law enforcement agencies, fire departments,  and emergency medical personnel.

There are all sorts of jobs available in the security industry: security guard, concierge, site supervisor, security manager, security director, patrol/mobile guard, and scheduling. Moving up the ladder could land you a job in operations management, business development / sales, administration, and more!

If you are considering a career in the Security Guard  industry, there are a number of steps you need to take before applying for work.

Obtain Your Ontario Security Guard License

In order to work anywhere as a security guard or private investigator, you will first need to earn your Ontario Security Guard License. All security guard firms require each job applicant to provide proof of having this distinct credential.

The process involves 40 hours of training, and you will also need to be certified in First Aid and CPR. 

Once your training is completed, you will then be provided with a training completion number which you will need when you go to register for the actual Security Guard Test with Service Ontario

Once you write and pass the test, then you are all set to start applying for jobs. 

Regal Security Inc.: Learn from Our Certified and Experienced Instructors

Headquartered in Toronto, Regal Security Inc. offers the Ministry-approved 40-hour Security Guard License Training Course . Our in-class 5-Day course is offered year-round, so you will need to contact us to register first (fees are discounted at just $155 + HST). 

You will benefit greatly from our knowledgeable and experienced instructors who have served for many years in the industry. Our training is second-to-none and you will learn all about your Role as A Security Guard, including Report Writing, The Canadian Legal System, Sensitivity Training, The Private Security and Investigation Services Act, Health and Safety, Legal Authorities, and Use of Force Theory, to name a few.  As well, you will be well-trained when it comes to Best Security Procedures, Emergency Response, Effective Communication, Emergency First Aid, CPR, AED Awareness, and the list could go on! 

Once you complete our course and pass your Security Guard Test, then you should really consider joining our team. We offer all sorts of unique positions with our clients in Toronto, the GTA, and across Ontario.

Our firm stands out from the rest as we house the Regal Security Training Academy, which means all of our Everyday Superhero™ guards are provided with ongoing training and support to advance their careers in the industry. Even better, we are a Registered Training Facility and we conduct all mandatory training in compliance with PSISA (Private Security and Investigative Services Act) regulations.

Contact Regal Security Inc.  today and secure your new and exciting career for the future. 


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