Regal Security Inc.: Leaders in security guard training

What our team of Everyday Superhero™ guards really likes is the exceptional level of innovative training we provide so that they are always prepared to protect our clients’ assets, employees, properties, tenants, and residents.

That’s right – we offer the best when it comes to the right security solutions for our clients in an array of sectors. And our guards are provided with ongoing training and support at the Regal Security Training Academy, which means they are always able to meet the various demands of all our clients in Toronto, across the GTA and Ontario.

Our Training Academy offers the Ministry-approved Security License Training Course that is taught by experienced professionals in the field, and what makes us a unique and distinct firm is that we offer a large variety of additional training courses that ensures our guards are ready for anything while in “the line of duty.”

Training courses for security guards

Our 40-hour Security License Training Course prepares professionals for a new career in the security guard industry , but what’s even better is our long list of specialized courses for guards offered at the Regal Security Training Academy.

Let’s start with Verbal Judo, Effective Communications – a highly effective system that was once utilized by police offers to tactfully and peacefully de-escalate situations and resolve conflicts of sorts. Regal Security Inc. employs this system for our guards and trains them on how to resolve conflicts quickly and is a proven benefit for our commercial and residential clients.

We also offer Fire Safety Training that involves Fire Prevention and Safety, live fire panel operations and annunciations, Health and Safety Awareness, First Aid, CPR, and Advanced First Aid, and we train our guards with the right skills in Lay Rescue, HCP, and AED Awareness.

The Regal Security Training Academy provides our guards with the best when it comes to Tactical Training, which means that they are “armed” with the essential skills with Restraint and Handcuffing, Sharp Edge Weapons Defense Techniques, Defense Baton, Use of Force Takedown and Strikes, and Compliant and Resistant Subject Restrain.

Regal: Join our team today

To ensure that our team of professionals are one step ahead of the competition, we provide them with extensive and ongoing training in Customer Service Excellence, which is always a huge benefit for our clients. Our Supervisor Training also ensures that our leaders are equipped with the right knowledge with managing people, while knowing the fundamentals of ethics, leadership, conflict management, and more!

Join the Regal Security team today. You will be glad you did!


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