Unlock your career potential with Regal Security

“Toronto-based firm offers growth, advancement, and development opportunities for its ‘Everyday Superheroes” ™

Sure, anyone can be a security guard and find employment, but working at an innovative and dynamic security firm is a whole other story.

Just ask the long list of “Everyday Superheroes” ™ with Regal Security Inc. in Toronto, ON.

“Taking a job here five years ago is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made,” says Dylon Bates, who is one of the company’s Client Relations Managers. “I first wanted to get into policing, but that all changed once I obtained my security license. I joined Regal as a security guard and started moving up the chain of command, and the rest is history. The company is truly extraordinary, and everyone wants you to grow and get ahead.”

Since launching over a decade ago, Regal Security is now the “go-to” firm for scores of businesses and organizations across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), Hamilton-Niagara, and southwestern Ontario, and they now even have big plans to grow across Canada. The company offers a vast array of professional and dependable security guard services that include residential, commercial, retail, insurance, construction, and industrial, to name a handful.

Every member of its team and every service carried out is steered by one fundamental principle: Strength & Honour™. Even better, its guards are hailed as Everyday Superheroes™: they are friendly, well-educated and trained, and proud to be a part of a first-class team, and each hero goes above and beyond the call of duty to uphold the firm’s highest standards.

Regal also has its very own Training Academy and all guards are provided with the best training and ongoing support to boost their careers in the industry. Training includes in-class and on-the-job training, coupled with specialized training that meets the needs and demands of its long list of clients. The Academy is a registered training facility and conducts all mandatory training in compliance with PSISA (Private Security and Investigations Services Act) regulations.

“We continually strive to be a unique and vibrant security guard firm, much different from the rest, and our biggest investment is our team,” explains Nick Vetere, who is the co-founder and CEO of Regal. “We are innovative and forward thinking, and this is why we continually attract top-talent. We want everyone on our team to be the best and we always offer new opportunities for growth, advancement and development, which our ‘heroes’ really appreciate.”

Joel Dekter joined Regal seven years ago as a Site Supervisor  and is now the Senior Manager of Business Development.

“I have worked with other security firms in the past, but Regal is truly an exceptional company. So many businesses out there run their operations on the old-school-pen-and-paper style where decisions are made from the top-down. Here it’s a totally different environment and mindset: everyone has a voice and leadership is always encouraged. We are also a company that likes to promote from within as this gives everyone the chance to grow.”

James Foster echoes his view.

“Regal offers an exciting and dynamic work environment, and everyone is a team player,” he says.

Foster first took a position as the company’s Senior Recruiter in 2016 and just recently moved into the role of Senior Operations Manager. Having been in the industry for almost a decade, James has found that Regal stands apart from other companies.

“What sets our security firm apart from the others is that all of us find the best solutions for our clients. Coming to work each day is a whole new experience, filled with challenges which everyone thrives on. No one at Regal is here just to collect a pay-cheque – our team of over 800 strong and growing are devoted to making a difference for the company and our clients. Here everyone’s voice matters and everyone thinks ‘outside-the-box.’”

Regal is also a frontrunner on the technology front. Through its affiliate companies, Regotec Systems Inc. and Regolive Monitoring Inc., the company offers a wide variety of cutting-edge services – from remote video monitoring services, to security solution products, intrusion alarm systems, CCTV integrated camera systems including analytics, access and entry control, fire systems and elevator monitoring, off-site monitoring of video, and network infrastructure.

“We are one step ahead of everyone when it comes to technology and this is something all our ‘heroes’ at Regal admire,” says Vetere. “Everything we do is big, dynamic and exceptional, and our team of professionals thrives on our constant process of change and innovation.”

There are also no shortages of recognition events at Regal. Each month the firm tips its hat off to its top employees, and cultural awareness and diversity in the workplace is always promoted – day-in-and-day-out. The firm also hosts its annual Holiday Party and events that mark all sorts of special occasions for its staff.

Kevin Fletcher began his journey in the industry as a guard back in 2001 and is thrilled to hold the title of Scheduling Manager with Regal.

“This is an awesome place to work and everyone works hand-in-hand together – we all support one another,” he says. “All of us have a say in decision making, and management always wants us to think creatively and find the right solutions for our commercial and residential clients. Other security guard firms are not at all like Regal; I know this well as I have been in the industry for a while and worked for other companies. Regal is unique and distinct simply because they set everyone up for success. You don’t get that working with other firms – no chance.”

For most, “Everyday Superheroes”™ might just seem like an expression, but at Regal it’s truly the way we work.


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